faltering reality

13 June
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I'm a guy from upstate New York. I'm known best for posting on a message board for years. If that didn't make it obvious to you, I'm a geek. :P I'm a VP fan (though not as much of one as you may think) and have a site that gets updated whenever I'm not lazy. Which is almost never.

Why do I have a live journal? I didn't hear about it until about May 2003, when a friend told me about hers... and suddenly everyone I talked to seemed to have one O_O I figure I triggered some plot event or something... Remember kiddies, talk to all NPCs you meet! Anyway, I soon after got a number and spread my laziness to here, where I update on a nigh-weekly basis... maybe I'll do it more often later.

What do I post about? Stuff... Pretty much whatever I'm doing at the moment. Gaming, watching anime, reading, going to cons, working, studying, and stuff. If you haven't noticed, I like to abuse the word "stuff" and the elipses. ie, "..."...

Gods I hope I spelled that right. I've never actually seen it spelt now that I think of it. -_-;

Why do I write like I'm always talking to someone? Don't ask. 'Cause I don't know the answer. Just be glad I'm not talking in the third person like I randomly do in real life. Don't ask about that one, either. I blame it on video games. Just like violence and everything else... ;)
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